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Cataracta, Sterling Silver Waterfall Earrings

Cataracta, Sterling Silver Waterfall Earrings

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These delicate sterling silver earrings feature mesmerizing moss teal kyanite stones, surrounded by flowing silver fringe that evokes the gentle cascade of a waterfall. The lightweight design and playful movement of the fringe create a sense of effortless elegance, as if the earrings are dancing on your ears.

The kyanite stones, with their soft, mossy hue, evoke the serene beauty of a forest pool, while the shimmering silver fringe conjures the sparkle of sunlight on water. Wear these earrings to add a touch of whimsical wonder to your everyday look, and let their gentle movement remind you of the beauty and fluidity of life.


  • These earrings are made from 100% sterling silver
  • Each side measures approximately 2 1/4" x 1/2"
  • Each earring weighs approximately 2 grams making them very light weight
  • Finished to a high shine polish
  • These earrings were entirely handmade from start to finish using traditional metalsmithing techniques 
  • The teal moss kyanite stones featured are AAA+ quality artisan cut stones

Please note: Though still sturdy, Kyanite is a softer stone. Please store the earrings away from where no other things can potentially scratch the stone such as in a bag with other jewelry. 

These earrings are ready to ship! They ship fully insured and come thoughtfully gift-wrapped, prepared to give to a loved one or as a special treat for yourself.

Please see our FAQ page for payment plan info, shipping times, policies, and jewelry care. 

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