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Preorder Ouroboros Adjustable Snake Bangle

Preorder Ouroboros Adjustable Snake Bangle

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**This listing is for preorders of the Ouroboros Cuffs. Your order will be made and shipped within 7-9 weeks**

The ouroboros is a symbol of transformation. The snake asks us to shed our skin, grown through our pain and come out into a new phase. These every day bracelets are a reminder there is beauty in transformation

Each ouroboros bangle is cast from an original handmade bracelet. The original bracelet was made using a reticulation technique to add rich texture to the snakes. These solid metal cuffs are cast by a small casting house in Portland, OR. Once it was received back each bangle was hard carved to add even more detail. Careful attention was paid to the polishing and finishing of the bracelet to bring it to a rich high polish

  • The Ouroboros bracelets measure 3"x3" and are 13" in total length
  • The heads of the snakes measure 1/2" and taper to 3/8" at the narrowest point
  • These bracelets are highly adjustable to fit all wrist sizes. Once fit to its owner it is suggested to not over bend the bracelet to risk deforming the metal
  • Finished to a high shine polish
  • Select your metal option on the left. Each bracelet is solid sterling silver or solid bronze and are not plated

    One silver and two bronze bracelets are ready to ship! Please see our FAQ page for payment plan info, shipping times, policies, and jewelry care. It comes thoughtfully gift wrapped and is ready to give to a loved one, or a special treat for yourself

    We follow strict Covid safety measures when packaging your piece. Please allow a few extra days to receive your piece due to Covid related USPS delays.

    By purchasing this item you agree to reading and accepting the terms and policies listed in our FAQ page.

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